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A brief explanation >

Throughout this website, you will see images (loosely styled after the “pill” type images you find on sites like github or npm) indicating the source of the content on that post. Various content may also include a pill image as necessary.

For instance, this specific paragraph would be accompanied by a designated image  to signify that it is solely the product of a prompt and remains untouched by human intervention. This image serves as a clear indicator that the text is computer-generated, without any manual edits or adjustments. By doing so, readers can easily identify and differentiate between human-authored and AI-generated content.

To be completely fair, i did add the image where the output indicated I should, but I would consider that “necessary intervention” rather than editing the content.

A post that is marked “100% AI” will be completely generated by AI prompts, with the only human intervention to consist of placing images, links or other necessary items.

See below for the image indicators that you will find on this site.

Content Indicators >

This tag indicates that the content on the post is completely human generated and has not been collaborated with an AI.  This will likely be very, very rare, as that would defeat the purpose of this website.

This tag indicates that the content on the post is mostly human generated. Usually this means that an AI was fed a prompt to generate ideas, or to proofread, orr provide additional insight into text. Sometimes, it might indicate that an AI was used to cite sources (oh, yes it can do that).

Somewhat of a subjective category, this is generally intended to indicate that there was a considerable mix of content that is both AI and human generated.  Often this will appear on posts related to image generation, as the image is usually completely AI, and the text is usually completely human.

This category emphasizes that the content is mainly AI-generated, with just a hint of human input or collaboration. The AI might have been tasked with crafting a substantial piece while being monitored by a human. As demonstrated by this paragraph, the spotlight is on the AI-generated aspect of the content, even with slight human involvement.

This category indictes that the content is completely AI generated, with little to no involvement outside of the initial prompt.  At times, even the prompt will be generated by the AI.

Entity Indicators >

This tag indicates that ChatGPT 3.5 is the source entity that was used to generate the content in the post.  GPT-4 is still rate limited (and a little slow) and often 3.5 is more than powerful enough to generate what we need!

At the time of this writing, GPT-4 is the most powerful, publicly available GPT tool. Using it to generate content is exceptional, however, it is currently rate limited and a bit slower than GPT-3.5

This category is used to indicate content that was generated using NightCafe Creator. Usually this is the stable diffusion engine, or some derivative of that engine.

This category is for images generated using Dall-E – usually version 2. Dall-E is OpenAI’s (the same group behind ChatGPT) image offering.  It can be quite difficult to tune to the right results but when you get it correct it can be astonishing.