NightCafe Creator: Abstract Computer

by | Apr 18, 2023 | AI Exploration, Human / AI, NightCafe

This image took a little more work than I expected it to. Initially I couldn’t get NightCafe to do exactly what I was after but after a few tweaks and modifications I was able to get something that was completely different than I had originally intended, yet somehow better than I expected.

One new discovery that I made through the process of generating this image is that you can actually feed NightCafe (I generally use stable diffusion) hex codes and it will use those in the finished artwork.

I find that to be kind of neat.

After Stable generated the image, I had to do a bit of work in photoshop (content-aware fill for the win) – and if you look carefully enough – two or three seconds should be plenty of time – you’ll see very clearly where I got lazy and let PS just kind of do it’s thing. Ultimately, the hero image was completed and the result was accomplished.

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